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Cafe Majada

Discover the taste of Cafe Majada Salvadorian coffee

Find out the secrets of selected 100% Arabica that ripens on volcanic soil in a country
stamped with the thousand-year tradition of the Mayan culture. Its taste reveals
the country's vigour, purity and passion.

A coffee you want to experience

Enjoying Café Majada is not just a habit - it is about falling in love with its incredible taste and understanding the sublime harmony between nature, which is honoured and preserved when producing the coffee, and people, who find their sense of life in it every day.

Majada is selected high-altitude 100% Arabica grown in volcanic areas of El Salvador. Its taste will astonish you, a taste made exceptional through its specific processing method, perfected over generations:


Cafe pflücken


We believe in perfect coffee.

In coffee with a clear origin - we are always aware from which particular plantation
the coffee comes from.

In coffee that ripens where ecological standards are complied with -
the plantations are certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

In coffee of surpassing quality - hand-picked ripe coffee beans, sorted, dried in the sun
and slowly roasted by people who love it themselves.

In coffee that grows and ripens in the ideal mountain microclimate of El Salvador.

Only such coffee has the meaning for us, and that is why we are offering it to you.



Please visit our E-shop, if you have any questions, please contact us: majada[at]


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